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Rear Drum Problem

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06 zx3
38,000 miles
rear brakes were squeaking when stopping

So i decided to replace the shoes(shoes only, not the drums). I followed my repair manual and re-adjusted the park brake. I re-set the auto adjuster all the way down(in?)

Now, when the rear is in the air, i can spin the wheel and it will make maybe a turn, turn and a half and it stops. Seems like there is a little too much friction. and after maybe 15 miles worth of driving the drums are extremely hot.

In the manual it says to spin the wheel and have someone push the brake pedal so the self adjusters will adjust. Could they be adjusting out too far maybe? or are the new shoes just getting used to the slightly worn drums?

I cant figure this out, and it seems like my gas milegae is really sucking since i did the brakes. Is it just in my head or do i have a problem?

Any help would be appreciated.
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A little drag (slight scraping sound when rotated) is perfectly acceptable. A little drag means your parking brake is adjusted correctly.
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