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Rear Brakes follow up

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Earlier today I took the car over to a friends places that had a garage and pulled the rear drums and compared the thickness of the shoes on the old ones and the new ones to find out that it didn't need shoes so I'm glad I didn't let the shop go own on and replace them. But I noticed something on the passenger side drum that has me kinda worried but I wanted to ask everyone here if I right or not. I noticed something that looks like heat scores on the bearing but I due have a little noise but I really can't tell if its tire noise or wheel bearing noise. The noise changes a small amount the faster you go but you don't hear it till about 30 MPH. Also I will upload a few pics of the bearing so everyone get a good idea of what I'm talking about. The driver side bearing didn't have this discoloration to it. The pics are the inner and outer part of the bearing.


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