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I purchased my 2013 ford focus trend just over a year ago.
Over the last 2-3 weeks i have been having issues with it.
First occurred on my way to work. Pulled away form a set of lights slowly behind a truck and wend into a turning lane. As i was pulling into the lane the car jolts heavily and goes into a "LIMP" mode. No dash lights nothing. I pull over and turn the car off. When I go to turn it on again it takes 4x longer to start than usual and still has no power or acceleration.

I got it towed to my nearest dealer and they could not find a code or anything.
I then drove it again for a few days and it was OK. I was going up a hill and i felt the car lose power again then it recovered. I kept driving and it occurred again while going around a long bend. I booked the car in for the next day. On my way home i tried to make it trigger again. Sure enough in 3rd accelerating onto the freeway it limps and will only just hold speed. After 5 or mins i try to accelerate and it takes itslef out of "LIMP" mode again.

Into ford for the second time. I get it serviced at the same time as it was almost due. Drive the car for a week without an issue. Then one day I give the car a poke in first gear and about a min later it is back with a vengeance. The care just begins to have intermittent power issues and nearly stalls even under normal clutch takeoff. I pulled the car over as i was waiting to pick someone up and then the check engine light came on. I turned the car off.

I had the same starting issue as the first time and i went for a small drive with my passenger to make sure it wasn't me just going crazy. sure enough it happens again and all the way home.

Then next day i take it into ford. The same issues as i took it there and it still had the check engine light on when i left it.
The call me and say that they cant find a fault code (For the third time)
They are keeping it again tonight and testing it tomorrow.

I have not a clue what it could be.
The lady at ford said i shouldn't run 91 octane (AU) about equiv to 87 (US). I run E10 90% of the time as it says that the car is capable and only run 91 when E10 is not available.

I'm going to try scanning the car myself tomorrow if it happens again as i have borrowed a scanner of a mechanic mate.

Any suggestions or help would be great.
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