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Ok, Tom I found a ECU forsale in the parts classifieds and the guy is close by here is the listing

FT:SVT ECU with SCT Tune for Stock SVT ecu


I'm looking for someone local to trade me their SVT ecu for my SVT SCT tuned ecu. I might sell my SVT in the coming months and I no longer have my SCT unit to set it back to stock, and I dont want to sell it with a tune on it. You can drive my car to verify it has a tune, -Raised Rpm limiter to 7600rpm redline, and some spark,fuel tuning done to it. I Also disabled the rear O2sensor so you can run a Straight pipe. You can drive over to my house and i'll swap it out as well.
Hanover Park,il 60133

As you can see he wants to trade for a stock ecu...our cars have the same options but my question is, his car has modifications...however my car does not...but I plan on doing pretty much the same mods he has in the future but now right now....if we have the same ecu # and I trade for his will it effect the running condition of my svt? I use it as a daily driver so if there is any worry you have that I should do it please say so...thanks for the help

Jon Titus
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