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I'm collecting all the parts to fully redo my brake system and suspension this summer. I have already collected a full front and rear SVT brake setup, and gathered some smaller suspension parts such as strut/stress bars, and camber arms.

I am doing a full brake swap, included all new hardlines(mine are rusting pretty good), all the SVT brakes, and possibly a new M/C while I am at it. I want to also put in SS braided lines while Im at it.

Before I put all of the SVT setup on, I am putting all new bearings, wheel studs, and lug nuts in it. I put junk Orielly bearings in last time to get me by, and they lasted a year, so I dont want to do that again.

I still have to collect coilovers, and new sway bars, and the smaller stuff I list below, so it will be about 6 months before I am fully ready to install everything, but I would like to get as much information and parts gathered before last minute.

So after my plans being explained, here are my questions.

1. Where is the best place to get SS lines?

2. Do you all have a preference when it comes to getting wheel bearings?

3. Wheel studs and lugs make a difference? I want a closed end lug nut, that does NOT have the stupid caps on them. (The ones that always swell up and fall off).

4. Any preference on where to get a full Poly Bushing set?

I want quality over price, but lower prices are always better. I figured I would ask you guys where you feel the best deals are on quality parts.

Thanks in advance,

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Wheel bearings talk to steve 800-598-1484 factory ford parts. bushings try SS lines make no difference but if so go to
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