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Question on TPS setting for FC TB on 02.5

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I have a 2002.5 ZX5. I recently purchased a pre 2000 intake manifold and I purchased a FC 65mm Throttle Body. Question I have is what setting should I put hooking up the TPS too since the manifold is an 00 but the car is an 02.5 I dont know wether it is using and 02 part or an 03 part. I was told the TPS should be set to whatever my ECU is, well is my ECU an 03 ECU or an 02? They changed alot of the parts on my ZX5 since it was the late model. I dont know how far that list goes as to what was changed though. Only thing for certain I know is the transmission, wheels and headlights were 03 versions.
Here is a picture of a TB with the positions in question. Although I doubt it would be a deciding factor since whoever know about this does not need a picture I would asume.

and here is mine
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Generally an IM install doesn't take more than an hour but it's all preference...whether you're comfy getting into that level of work or not.
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