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Ok, so I recently bought a 65mm TB for my 2002 ZX3 2.0L

I've installed this thing 3 times now, once with the TPS facing the back end
and 2x facing it the front end....hopeing something would trigger it to idle right

when I turned the TPS around facing the back, it idled nice, but it was choppy. So choppy that my exhaust was shaking.

But, here's where my question is...I bought my Tb...USED...

The TB I have for my focus (my focus is NON-SVT) was once on a SVT

Is that why it's not working correctly?

Everything bolts up perfect, but it's just not running right.

Anyone wanna give me a heads up on installing a TB? Seeing as how after 3x I still can't get it right...

Or can't I use a svt 65mm tb on a 2.0l zetec non svt?
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