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Hello Focus community,

My 2.0 Zetec Engine is currently in the Shop in Fort Worth texas getting a rebuild.

I have a PW, 2.4 pulley, hoping for 300+hp

I am asking for anybody advise or constructive criticism incase I have missed something Crucial on this Current build. The build is as following.

85.5 oversized JE Pistons with Final compression of 9.8 to 1.
Eagle Rods
Stock Main caps
ARP Main Studs and hardware
Stock oil Pump
FOrd racing springs
Comp 2 cams
Supertech oversized valves with full comprehensive valve and head job,
Stage 1 port and polish
Crank Polished and Balanced

I understand with the oversized Valves the Throats need to be opened up.
I find the general concensus that the Main caps hold fine under 400HP
Also believe there is no point of upgrading an oil pump below 7500 RPM.

If anybody sees anything to add or something wrong , please dont hold back.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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