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PVC valve on Duratec 2.0

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Does anyone has pictures of where exactly is the PVC (or PCV, don't know real name) valve on a 2.0 Duratec, I can't find it anywhere!!![rant]
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So it cannot be changed easily??

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It's the blue angled thing connected to the rubber hose. It's under the intake manifold.

My local ford dealer said they'd change it for $40. I haven't quite decided what I want to do.
That's my pic.
There are a few more of the PCV valve in my turbo Duratec buildup thread.

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yeah i replaced my pcv valve cause the hose that goes to the valve was split in two and made my car run like sssshiit,,,anyways if its only 40$ to pay someone to do it then i would do it,,the pcv valve itself aint cheap,,i think it was like 10 to 15$ at ford,,,and i had to replace all the gaskets which were another 30 to 40$ if i remember right,,i know it ended up costing me about 100$ to do it all,,,i replaced that hose, pcv valve,all intake gaskets and some vacumn lines,,,now it runs like a champ took me about 2 hrs maybe 3 to get it all done,,,it was not fun and if u have a temper dont even bother,,lol,,heres some pics of my process in changing the parts out,,
heres the hose that split

heres the IAC gasket that i went ahead and replaced sense i had it all off,,dont want to reuse a gasket,,,

heres the parts that came off to do this

oh and heres my brand spankin new 2.3 i bought,,,u can see the pcv valve in blue
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