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Putting on Idle, bad gas? Next step? -- 2003 LX 2.0 SPI

2003 LX 2.0 SOHC SPI Auto Transmission, Firewall Mounted DPFE

My Focus putts terribly at idle, its gotten to the point that it has stalled several times (at stop lights). I have not had any loss in power whatsoever, and the car only does it when idling for a few seconds.Now a/c, defrost, and heat affect engine, this is a new symptom, when turned on, it causes the car to rev up without me pressing the gas. When turned off, the car idles even rougher, and nearly dies with that change alone.

Possible Causes:

- DPFE Sensor

- EGR Valve

- O2 Sensor

- Dirty MAF Sensor

- Vacuum Seal leak

- Sudden change in octane, 87 was used for the last year or so. 85 was used for (2) fill-up's recently.

- Poor gas station equipment? I went to put gas, the customer before me had left, but had came right back as I was fueling up. They had put $30 in gas, the pump had seemed normal, but when they drove away they realized there wasn't an ounce of gas in their car. Pump seemed to have been fine for me, my fuel gauge read full. Problem seemed to have started with 1/4th of this tank left. I have since filled up with Conoco 87 octane+Lucas Treatment, burned the whole tank. And also a Conoco 91 octane full tank, nearly gone.

What I've done so far:

Lucas Treatment (Mixed with full tank of 87 Octane Conoco)
91 Octane Fill up (Same Conoco as above, no treatment)
87 Octane Fill Up (Same Conoco as above, no treatment)
New EGR (DPFE) Sensor (Unplugged Battery for a few minutes, to allow it to reset.)
New Air Filter
Seal the DPFE Sensor (

Nothing has helped so far, Check engine light is on it states "P2195 o2 sensor Lean fuel from bank/slot 1." It has never said anything like EGR Malfunction.

Next Steps (in order that I will complete them):

BG K44 Treatment
Replace Fuel Filter
Clean MAF Sensor (possibly replace)
Replace o2 sensor bank 1/slot 1
Pressure Injector cleaning
Look at more EGR options, Actuator/valve/vacuum seals etc.

I don't want to buy a crappy bosch o2 sensor, nor do I want to pay $120 for a motorcraft one from a local dealer. I'm assuming it will take a fewdays to get here from

Chronology of problem

1. Gas problem stated above happened.
2. Approx 2 weeks later, CEL Turns on.
3. CEL decoded, unknown code (didnt jot it down) , stated lean fuel slot/bank 1, was not o2 sensor specific.
4. No symptoms related to CEL for 2 days, then idling problem started.
5. Lucas Treatment put in with 87.
6. 4 days after lucas treatment, I ran out of gas filled up with 91 no additives. CEL turns off.
7. 1 day after 91 fill up Replaced DPFE sensor, unhooked battery no change. Car ran worse, Idle caused the car to stall for the first time.
8. CEL Turns on, Code is P2195.
9. Replaced Air filter, bent firewall to seal DPFE sensor and shield egr valve. Visually checked vacuum seals.

I am kind of desperate at this point, I need the vehicle to run right for a road trip that I have coming up, but can't seem to figure just what is wrong with it. Any suggestions or comments or things for me try would be greatly appreciated.
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