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Putting 2.3 head on 2.0 block

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What all is going to be required, if I decide to purchase a 2.3l factory or Massive head, on my 2.0l focus (07, duratec, mtx, 198k mi)?
Am I going to need to upgrade anything in the bottom end, or the top? Or would it be similar to a plug n play type? Looking for the cheapest motor upgrade for some gains, large or small. I can get a 2.3l head for about 400

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So..... i did a thing... didnt do a lot of math just guesstimation. But pulled a 2010 ford duratec 2.0l non turbo non DI or VVT. Newer engine is like a 14 i think. Its the 2.0l turbo DI VVT. I dont usually mess with ford so i wasnt sure how to get all the engine numbers. Well. Had to swap heads old head to new block. New block has dome pistons. Everything else is the same but oil pan and pick up tube. Now this was butt puckering cuz i had nothing to test this out before complete assembly. So just done some simple tests here and there. Spun it and no contact so far spun good and clean. Assembled and installed to vehicle and she runs. It shimmys a bit but i think its the tone wheel on the balancer. Ill finish that tomorrow and drive it. Hopefuly this just works out get a little more compression and run it. So far its good. Wish me luck.
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