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As the temperature averages are rising in the northern half of the US, there will be a change from the 'Winter blend' of Gasoline to the Summer blend.
This will cause a rash of check engine lamps and check fuel cap lamps.
Don't go out and buy a brand new fuel cap or think that there is a problem just yet.
The problem is probably one that the car will be able to adjust to and the lamp/s will go out on their own after a few trips/fill ups.

The lamp is triggered because the 'reed vapor pressure' takes a jump with the Summer blend. This jump causes abnormal fuel tank pressure (vs learned Winter pressure) and the cars computer panics. There is no problem though. The computer will figure it out and all will end well.

If you feel you must get the lamp/s checked out, please do so at a reliable mechanic and not a parts store who will sell you shit you don't need.
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