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PS Pump Going?

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I'm fairly certain that my PS pump is starting to go. Just started making the whining noise on me. I didn't check the fluid level, but I did turn the steering wheel to each side about 5 times a piece to try to flush it.

What should I check before doing anything? And where wpuld be a good tutorial for doing it? The only challenge I would see is the belt, unless I know where everything is.

I also read on here that it takes tranny fluid? I didn't find the reference in my owner's manual.
PS Pump Going:
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Page 218 of your owner's manual...MERCON ATF (spec XT-2-QDX) for power steering...but this spec has been superseded by XT-5-QMC (MERCON V). So, any fluid that meets or exceeds that spec will work.

Have you checked the P/S reservoir for foam in the fluid? You have to do this while you are turning the wheel (assistant needed), or immediately after you have turned the wheel. Air getting in the system makes a racket.
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