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Just wanted to post a little FYI here. I purchased the Halo Projector headlights with the 4 LEDs at the top. Great headlights by the way. I decided I didn't like the bulbs being used for the turn signals so I decided to change them out for the Matrix 194 bulbs from These bulbs are phenominal, except that they do not fit into the openings on the projector headlights. They have side projecting LEDs that make the diameter too wide to fit.

If you're looking at switching out the turn signals for LEDs, get the Superstar LEDs from, not the Matrix LEDs. The Superstar LEDs are the same size as a standard 194 bulb.

Just wanted to make sure someone else doesn't waste $30 on new bulbs they cannot use. I'll be listing mine in the For Sale area.
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