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My housekeepers car died when leaving the other day. I am somewhat of a mechanic and it seems like a timing noise. After reading many messages i would guess the timing belt idler pully broke off and is trying to grind off the crank pulley. The weird thing is the engine will run but makes such horrific noise one shuts it off imediatley!...I was releived to read that this SPI 2.0L is non interfearing! Thank Goodness! The car has 107K on it and was running fine when she arrived and would not run( will run but makes intense racheting clicking/rapping) when leaving. Is there anything common or uncommon in the clutch/driveline that would make this noise?...Its a loud clicking/rapping noise. The sounds seem too close together for it to be one cylinders connecting rod or wrist pin. Any Ideas? Think its in the timing pulley? ? ? ?

Much Thanx,

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