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ive had this problem with three throttle bodies.....

i unhook the battery, and install as per instructions from focus central, right.

the things always idle low and then go wide open throttle no matter what i do?


any help, i'm really pissed.

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Couple things.....

1. Make sure your TPS is aligned with the proper holes on the FC TB.

2. Try flipping your TPS 180 degrees around, usually works to control the high idling issue.

3. Make sure all the connections are sealed, make sure your intake tube is completely sealed around the TB.

4. Check the idle stop screw on the FC TB and make sure it's not advanced to far, for a high idle but more importantly it sometimes causes the throttle to 'stick' so move it around a bit. On mine, I practically got the screw completely out.

5. Make sure you leave your negative battery terminal unhooked for 20 minutes or just lay on the horn, brake pedal, etc and it'll reset in 30 seconds.

6. Once you do rehook it, let the car idle for a few minutes, if you can take if for a drive, take it for an EASY drive, don't hammer on it until the car's ECU sets everything back up and recognized that you have a new TB and how to compensate, adjust for it.
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