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Problems with EGR Valve (Stuck!)

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Good evening Focus Fanatics community.

I apologize if my thread seems to be mis-categorized or in the wrong place! [thankyou]

I have a 2002 Ford Focus zx3 Zetec that I'm trying to breathe some new life into. I've had it about a year (first Ford!), it's currently at 125k miles.

A couple weeks ago, I had a problem with stalling out when idling, as well as extremely rough idling. Codes spit up and pointed me toward the bank 1/sensor 1 o2 sensor. I decided to replace both in one go two weeks ago. I put about a hundred miles on without any problem at all. A slight sputter when idle, but nothing major. Two days after the new ones on, problems began again and even more intense than the last time. I had to pop my zx3 in neutral (it's auto) and rev at stop signs and red lights. Even scarier was the last ride home where the entire car shut off and stalled out mid-turn at an intersection, with all the lights blowing up on my dashboard (check battery, check engine) :)

At any rate, I decided to go all out after the 2 new o2 sensors and replace:
-DPFE sensor
-MAF sensor
-air filter
-EGR valve

I managed to pull off the air-box and all just fine. Also wiped down the throttle body with some cleaner while I was at it. I'm now at a point where I'd like to replace the old rusted EGR valve with a new one.

Having two problems with this:
1.) Can't get the top hose off


2.) Can't get the bottom unscrewed.

I'm just the average DIY-er who isn't all that mechnically inclined, trying to save a buck from shop prices (I'm a web-programmer by day, robotics hacker by night). I'd hate to keep tugging on the top hose, and keep trying to spin out the bottom. What's happening is when I'm unscrewing the bottom, the whole EGR valve is spinning with it. This is resulting in it pushing up against the side-mount (see video).

To speed up where I'm stuck, I posted a video on YouTube:

Thank you, and I apologize to any FF veterans I may have offended with my noob naievety :)

Kind regards,
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If you get serious you can replace the entire PCV string of parts with simple like 3/8" brake line bent to requirement and then use a Dorman part that fits it all to the intake. The whole thing from PCV valve to intake for maybe $20. You cease using the metal tube in middle that bolts to head, it is too hard to plumb to. The replacement metal tube runs further outboard from it but next to it. That allows you to use simple bulk PCV hose to attach to the valve itself. No more overpriced harder to find parts except for the initial Dorman part at intake. Last time I bought it was like $4.99.
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