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problems with charging system

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HI all,
I recently had my alternator to die on me on my 2003 svt. I got the car to a garage to have it replaced and since then I've had troubles with it. The problem is: once in a while the alternator wouldnt charge at all (car is running off the power of the battery). It begins on the startup of the car so I can verify if the alternator is charging with my DMM (voltage at the battery poles) before I move with the car. When system is not charging, I would usually turn off the car and restart it two or more times and then it starts charging. The rest of the time, the car is acting peerfectly fine and I vhave no voltage fluctuations. When alternator is charging on startup, its working for as long as the car is still running.

CAn the new alternator cause that intermitent problem ? >Cause its the only part that got changed so it leads me to think its faulty but I'd prefer to be sure before I send it back to the garage. Did it ever happened to any of you ?
Thanks a lot for your replies !
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Wiring can cause problems, the three wire connector to the alternator in particular.

Look at past comments on the "alternator pigtail connector" for some info. on that.
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