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Between 1000 to maybe 2500 rpm it feels like the clutch is slipping, or not engaging all the way. However, my car has almost 50k on it but the clutch was replaced at about 15k miles. Could it be the spark plugs? I may have gotten some into the engine, i didn't go through a puddle just TONS of rain. Could that damage the spark plugs and create the symptoms I'm feeling or is it something else?

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I think it could be a few things off the top of my head. Given i would need to see or hear the car, duplicate the problem to tell you more.

Clutch slipping: if the clutch was slipping i think it would be all through the RPM range and it would be more felt in the high gears on acceleration. 5 or 6. the engine would rev with no response in the speed. or a jumping tach some call it.

TPS: thats few miles on the car for this but if the TPS has a dead spot the ECU would basically see nothing from the sensor in the range causing a dead spot in the revs.

Spark plugs: I think, don't quote me on this, but i think if it were your plugs it would again be felt all through the RPM range of the car till higher revs like maybe 5000+. In any case its easy to take those out and check them, check the gaps maybe one you put in had been closed to far in shipping or soemthing like that. Gap should be .065" i do believe.

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