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Hello everyone.

I've been lurking here for a while and many threads here have helped me, so I thought it might be time for me to contribute.

I recently had a pretty serious problem with my 2013 MK3 focus and this is how I ended up fixing it.

The CEL came on during my regular commute and I noticed right away that something was wrong. The car had very little high end power, and had to downshift much more than usual. When I checked the codes, it had a P0010, P0013, and P0446. The first two are for the VCT solenoids, the third is for the gas tank vent valve solenoid. It turns out that, in the 2013 model, these three things all share fuse 34 in the under-hood fuse box.

I took it to the stealership and they kept it for 2.5 days and basically told me that they couldn't find it. They did, however, wash the car for me, lol. The problem was that the fuse could be replaced and the car would run fine, but then it would blow again at some random interval. I bought a micro sized add-a-fuse and ran a separate line to the VCT solenoids and when that blew, I know I had the culprit.

I replaced both VCT solenoids with aftermarket parts from rock-auto for $20 each. I was concerned that the valve cover would leak when I put it back on, because I couldn't source a replacement valve cover gasket from anywhere but the dealership. I used some black gasket maker and reused the original gasket, and it hasn't leaked at all. In fact, it leaks less than the factory installation. All the information I needed to do the job was found in the shop manual that I got from this website.

One good thing that the dealer service people did was note that my fuel tank was "sucked in" a little. That at least got me looking, and I've since replaced my leaking purge valve and hopefully stopped the fuel tank from imploding. My gas gauge is unreliable, always saying I have much more gas than I know I do (490 MTE on a full tank! Lol), but I've adapted to that buy zeroing the trip odometer every fill-up.

Thanks to everyone here for all the help you've given to the silent majority like me. It is appreciated. I hope this info helps someone else.
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