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PRE foci in the falls meet??????

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I have a question for everyone..

would anyone be willing and able, or would want to meet up b4 foci in the falls takes place???

maybe something more in the middle of NY state? something around rochester or any place in between.

just asking to see if anyones interested. b4 the big shabanga a bang at the falls that is.
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meeting place: somewhere between here and rochester, like batavia or somewhere near there. like the horse racing track across from the "VA medical center" (type this into google earth you will see what im talking about). as for a time i think someone else should mention that because i might say somthing that doesn't work for any of you, concidering im unemployed at the moment and have nothing going on. basicaly im free for any time thats mentioned
idk whats 1/2 way but i'm down i ahve 2 check w. work cuz its getting busy and my schedule changes all the time but lets figure it out........
i agree, NYBUNNY, just contact me via text or PM and let me know what your schedual is set up for next weekend, not this weekend, but in 2 weekends, i think im gunna post now and say i want to see, and yes this is short basis, if its ok with people to possibly, in 2 weekends from now, get a meet and greet/ride in like the batavia area, or if people have thoughts otherwise, post away, i know crazyprazer is from the deep south, so his half way will be like rochester or somewhere around there, so lets hear what people have to say.

i know shark is down for whatever, and ill get info from NYbunny, and im free, what are all of you doing?????? post it up.
i'm good on sunday night in 2 weeks, got sometin going on friday and sat for the next 2 weeks soo that shot until the end of the year lol. but i'd be willin to meet up an 1.5hrs away .
just let us all know where 1.5hrs away from you is and we will figure something out. plus, when i see you you can bring them lights and ill take them off your hands for you. hehehe
im down for the sunday night meet on the 14th, than in the morning i get to have all my wisdom teeth pulled (yay...)(but also YAY! its free). hey, ya think we will have a coat of snow for our meet?? i hope so (mmm, doughnuts). ); no more doughnuts for a while after i get my teeth pulled.
lol or tacos..what ever u do don't eat hard shell'd taco for like 2 weeks after....arrgghh the pain it suck'd...taco bell why did u do this to me whyyyyyyyyyy. yeah sunday night meet is cool with me.
so, as of right now, there are 3, including me, so 3 people down for a meet and greet, i will recrut NYbunny and other SVTF owners and whoever else agrees to go, to go. heres the next and most important question,

where are we meeting????

this is tough cuz crxyprazer is from elmira, a treck away, nybunny is from rochester, shark and i are from the buff, and a few other people i might get to come are also from rochester, so where are we gunna converge??????
Batavia!! in front of the horse racing track, next to the VA Hospital. go to google maps and type in "Batavia ny, VA Hospital" in a search and you will clearly see a track next to it. that huge parking lot next to the track is the perfect meeting spot!!
i tried to recrute NYBUNNY and she's unavailable next weekend, so i'm thinking of hosting 2 meet and greet/ride events, one this sunday, which is in 4 days. just so everyone has the fighting chance to meet all the fellow fofo owners in our area. whoever doesnt go to that one can go to the one on the 14th. or both.

im just trying to meet people and the drive don't make a difference to me.

the batavia race track, like shark suggested, is a good place to meet and greet/ride.

so let me know if anyone is down for this coming sunday as well, along with next sunday. both meets will take place at the same place.
yup im down for that, just name a time
Hey wish you guys wasnt so far away Id come and meet up with you but Ive put way to many miles on the fofo this year going to focus meets. anyway hope you have a good turnout and I get to meet you guys this year at focus fest 09.
i'm in for sure just gimmie a time after 3 for me :)
so were doin this sunday in batavia at 2? i cant go next week so this sunday is the plan in batavia at the va place sound good 2 everyone!!??
i like the sound of that.

speaking of to many miles on my fofo, i have to drive to jersey after the meet and greet/ride again for school. thats a 1000 mile round trip, and its the 2nd time im doing it. but whatever. i dont mind a drive.

but yes, george, your not the only one showing up after 3, any time from 2 till whenever is when the meet is going to take place. so just come on down

cant wait to see everyone.

and NYBUNNY, its not the VA place, its the Race track thats right off the 90, not sure if its the VA, but its a race track with a huge parking lot i guess.

someone bring cones. lol [headbang] [neener] [8D] [wiggle]
so does anybody have a name and ave? to the race track so i can gps this bad boy???
yes, its the south end of park rd, batavia. the race track takes up a majority of the road side so you cant miss it. just search for any address on park rd.
oh yeah and the VA thing i was talking about, is the Veteran's Affairs Hospital, which is next to the track.
yeah we need an address here for the va hospital!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well all meet around 2 dbthor41 will be there at 330 so it'll be fun cold but fun and i got another fo fo goin wit me so there r 3 in the roc. goin!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so far that i know and maybe a guy in canandagua? c ya all then!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yesh can't wait woot woot.
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