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PRE foci in the falls meet??????

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I have a question for everyone..

would anyone be willing and able, or would want to meet up b4 foci in the falls takes place???

maybe something more in the middle of NY state? something around rochester or any place in between.

just asking to see if anyones interested. b4 the big shabanga a bang at the falls that is.
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i may make this voyage, i wonder if other people from the area like nybunny or thabox would be interested? but im up for it
bump? why bump? did the date change? are we still going to have a meet? sorry i didn't contact you about not being able to make it to dansville, last saturday i had a pressing issue to take care of.
same thing for me im undercoating, can't afford to take it off the road, it my only means of transportation. im also makeing many visits to the carwash when the salt hits the road, as well as having a bucket of hot water standing by in my garage
oh, thats where you are getting the new headlights from. if they are like mine they will look sweet on your car. were you going to remove the grill lights too? or get a euro grill?
ill help you with the hid kit and the install of the headlights, it was pretty easy, i got it right on my first try.
meeting place: somewhere between here and rochester, like batavia or somewhere near there. like the horse racing track across from the "VA medical center" (type this into google earth you will see what im talking about). as for a time i think someone else should mention that because i might say somthing that doesn't work for any of you, concidering im unemployed at the moment and have nothing going on. basicaly im free for any time thats mentioned
im down for the sunday night meet on the 14th, than in the morning i get to have all my wisdom teeth pulled (yay...)(but also YAY! its free). hey, ya think we will have a coat of snow for our meet?? i hope so (mmm, doughnuts). ); no more doughnuts for a while after i get my teeth pulled.
Batavia!! in front of the horse racing track, next to the VA Hospital. go to google maps and type in "Batavia ny, VA Hospital" in a search and you will clearly see a track next to it. that huge parking lot next to the track is the perfect meeting spot!!
yup im down for that, just name a time
yes, its the south end of park rd, batavia. the race track takes up a majority of the road side so you cant miss it. just search for any address on park rd.
oh yeah and the VA thing i was talking about, is the Veteran's Affairs Hospital, which is next to the track.
think we may have a snowy parking lot for this meet!!!! joyyy!!
i must see these new head lights, when fast returns to williamsville.
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