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I have a 2002 Focus GHIA estate with gremlins living in the wires...

When i bought it, the right rear window worked fine from the back door.. from the front door it would only close no matter if i pressed up or down.. then after af few months, the same thing happened to the passenger side door, it worked normally from the door, but from the driver side door it would only close... then after yet a few months, the rear door window would only work from the back.. nothing happened from the driver door switch.. then a few times i've had to use the remote to get that window to close.. but mostly it would operate from the rear door..

two nights ago it started to rain, after some time, four windows and a sunroof later, needless to say it was quite wet... after that there is no reaction the rear window, and the passenger (right)side window only works from that door... both left side (driver and rear) windows work normally.
i've replaced the master panel with a brand new of ebay, no difference...
as far as i know there's no electronics under the seat in the focus like there was in my galaxy..

I disconnected the contact from the motor, and there was 12v on 3 pins, one was 12v wether i pressed up or down on the switch, one got between 1 and 2 volt when the switch was pressed and one pin had nothing... (that might be ground tho.. i didn't check for that...)

Anyone have any ideas?

and not least.. is there a way to force the window up, plastic isn't at all soundproof :)


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