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Here comes my time to post here asking for help. [bawling] The other day, after making a U turn on a narrow street, I heard the steering make the funky noise, basically louder than normal power steering noise, bu then I felt that the steering got tough, stopped and noticed that I was dripping the fluid. Check the reservoir- EMPTY.

I thought the steering was shot, bu still went to the nearest gas station, got some fluid, put in, started the car, checked under the car, there was no leak. Drove home about 20 miles (but was very careful when driving and help the steering tight, just in case ). Came home, checked the fluid lever and it was pretty much all there, the level dropped just a little bit. After a while I noticed that only when I turn the wheels too far, it starts looking fluid.

Am I correct to assume that the steering rack needs replacement, or is there some pipe or tube or something else that could give leak under pressure. Once again, it only leaks when I turn the wheels out too far, I assume this is when the most pressure builds up in the system.

Please help someone with an advice! I did find some used rack with low miles for 45-75$, but labor costs are a killa.
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