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Hi guys, I'm trying to find the part number/name for the electrical plug-in that plugs into the power steering pressure switch - not the switch itself, the plug in that has the wires attached. Not much left to splice it together, so looking to find a replacement. Can't find my manual, so I'm not even sure where it leads back to... any answers on that too, would be appreciated. I might just go to a junkyard and find one to splice in if I can't find a new one for cheap. Photo attached for reference.

2002 Focus ZX5, Zetec DOHC

I will be replacing the power steering pump/pressure switch, plus the serpentine belt as well while I'm there. The PS Pressure Switch started to leak and I'm pretty sure in the midst of checking it out, I damaged this wire myself. Fairly certain this wasn't the root cause of the PS failure... just my own fumbly hands :(

I'm not sure how I've made it 270k miles without replacing the PS pump before, but I guess it was due to go out. Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA

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