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I posted this somwhere else but figured I might get more help over here.......

Hey what up guys and females, this is my first post here and I needs ya'lls tips, advice, and opinions.....I got a lil once upon a time I bought an svt brand spankin new with 8 miles on it back last year. I had it till the end of the last school year. I had nothing done to it and was rather satisfied with it. (148hp,132lbs) Well lately the new owner has been havin trouble with it...I mean quite a bit of it. He's had the stereo replaced, the clutch and pressure plate done twice and has recently had a new tranny installed....but he still has troubles. Well it comes down to this I have a chance to get it back since i'm going to start working with my dad at the end of this month. But should I? almost 30,000 miles on it and it isn't what it used to be. Either that or a 04gixxer 600, wich I'm having second thoughts about since I've heard stories....It'll be my first bike.
N*E ways, if I do get it back I'm going to mod it but I was wondering how did ppl get blown SVT's to push so much power. I thought it had too much compression to boost without killing it. I got a friend with a ZX3 and states that the SVT doesn't have as much potential cuz of that.
O and the payments are ridiculous...$482a month, the dealer literally raped my wallet. Overall amount was approx 28,000g's. My dad knew that too, ......
What would ya'll do???????And how much power are you guy's putting down, average..???
How much?? I really appreciate it ya'll, thanks.....and peace.
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