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Power Gain

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I have an 05 xz4 st with the 2.3 duratec. I've been told I could boost 8psi with no problems. If I did this could anyone guess as to what my estimated HP would be?
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...ballpark...10hp per lb...
The focusSport kit boosts about 8 psi, and their kits are putting out about 220ish whp non-intercooled on the 2.3
8 lbs. of boost, intercooled should put you around 250 whp.
The whp per lbs of boost is incramental. Say 4lbs gives you 35whp, 5lbs would give you 46whp, 6lbs - 57, 7lbs - 70, 8lbs - 93 9lbs - 110 10lbs - 125. Not factual numbers here, just ruff estaments. as long as you can properly cool the intake charge, and supply the right A/F ratio, ever lb will give you slightly more whp then the last lb increse.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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