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post HID cutoff pics

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this is mainly for snackmaster as ive been promising him cutoff pics for some time. i also realize as many hid topics as we have here there is no thread specifically for the beam and cutoff pics. so if you have hid's post the cutoff and beam pics here and tell us what kind of housings, projectors, and hid's you are running.

im running my 03 svt's stock mach hid headlights that i painted gloss black and transplanted new lenses on. the bulbs are new D2S bulbs out of my gt-s celica that i upgraded higher kelvin bulbs to so i would say they are around 4800-5200k.

low beam hid's only

low beam hid's with fogs

low beam hid's with high beams and fogs.

sorry bout the crappy cell phone pics. it was a wet night too. but you get the idea.
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ill be posting mine soon. i swear.
looks like you have a large difference between left and right side. why is the color so far off between the two? as soon as i seen the highbeam pic, i knew you had machs. (i scrolled before reading)
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