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Post Count Numbers

Alot of new members to the board here very often ask the question "Why does my total posts count not go up when I post a message?"

The reason for this is that the board is setup where you only get 'credit' for posts in the technical areas of the forum. Making posts in general chat areas as some others (list below) don't count towards your total post count. The areas that do count and don't count are listed below.

Areas where your posts COUNT towards your Total Post Count

Ford Focus & General Car Chat
Ford Focus Technical Chat
Zetec Performance Chat
Zetec Owners Lounge
Duratec Performance Chat
Duratec Owners Lounge
SVT Performance Chat
SVT Owners Lounge
SPI Performance Chat
SPI Owners Lounge
Ford Focus Showroom
Video Showroom
Forced Induction Chat
Exterior Body & Lighting Chat
Interior Mods & Upgrades Chat
Wheels, Tires, Brakes & Suspension
Car Audio & Electronics
Auto Washing & Detailing
Racing, Rally & Autocross
General Chat Lounge
Movies, Music & Gaming
Photo Shop Forum
Diecast & Model Car Forum
Vendors, Dealers & Sellers Reviews

Areas where your posts DO NOT COUNT towards your Total Post Count
Regional Forums (ALL)
Group Purchases & Supporting Vendor Specials
Want To Buy
Buy - Sell - Trade (ALL)
Feedback & Help Center
Test Center
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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