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Popping noise when turning the wheel.

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Hi I need some advice. My 02 ZX3 started messing up again lol. It started when i turned there was a popping noise then it started to jerking my car. Then when i was coming home from wal-mart I turned out onto the street and my car made alot of banging and jerking and i would not drive. So I dont know if it is the trans, because it only started when i turned the vehicle. I think that it has something to deal with the CV halfshafts. So does anyone really know whats wrong with it please let me know.
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no i dont think so because it still steers but it does not go anywhere when i put in 1st there is alot of metal beating sound
So it makes the sound when its put in gear without releasing the clutch? That really sounds like a trans problem; maybe a really worn shift fork or something inside the diff.

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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