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Hello Everyone,
The Pony Trails Cruise that is leaving from
Florida and driving to the West Coast and back again, Will
be coming thru the San Fernando Valley, On May 1st 2004,
As they will be leaving from Anaheim that morning.

David Turnbull who is heading up this event has asked Our club
( AMFC ) to host this event for them as they leave the
Southern California area.

I found a perfect place to host this stop for them,
It will handle 500 cars, We expect 350-500 at this
event, Best part is it costs NOTHING TO ATTEND.

Shelby has loaned them a GT 500 Eleanor to drive the
entire trip with! Want too see it? Well Do Ya?
Plus there will be many other CoooooooooL early and late
model Mustangs too see as well. So don't Miss Out!
All FORD Products are WELCOME!!
There will be a flyer & More Info. released Sooooooooon!
Be There On.....................
On Saturday, May 1st 2004 @ 9AM-11AM

Village Coffee Roaster
23351 Mulholland Drive
Woodland Hills, CA. 91364
go to for map & direction's
So if you would like to kick back for awhile and
see some new fresh cars and talk with their owners
then you don't want too miss out on this event.
can even cruise with them to their next stop in Solvang
if they want too, Sounds like FUN TOO ME!!

Thank you,
Marlon Mitchell
818-970-2359 <<<<<<<<<<<<My Contact #
President & Founder of AMFC
Hotline & Fax: 818-341-3921

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hey everybody whats up. My name is Anthony Daulton and I drive a 03 Focus zx3. But i am in a car club called Xclusiv... and we have a couple of fords that might be interested in making the trip. This includes my car as well as a 03 lightning and a 94 f-150 bagged on 20s. so if you could give me any info regarding the trip I would greatly appreciate it.
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