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There may have been a thread on this be4, but i can't find it.
This problem is probably getting more and mroe annoying for anyone owning a pre-06 model but believe me.... for us that have the 06 model its killing us to not be able to buy springs!

So onto my question...
What is the difference in the suspension between an 06 and previous years?

my reason for asking is, I am planing on lowering my car a month ago.. of course i can't get springs. If i go with a coil over kit or another option (please tell me what they r if they exist) will it replace enough of the suspension that being an 06 won't matter.

Please anyone who could answer this for me and maybe some other people it would be greatly appriciated.. thank you very much!

*edit* i know i can get the pro kit which is a 1.5" drop... but i want a 2" drop!
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