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What bump stop?
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With all the possibilities of different swaps that can take place on the Focus, it can get very confusing if the proper advice is not given. With that being said, please make sure to label your threads with titles that are obvious with the swap you want to undertake.

Good Example:

Zetec engine to SVT engine Swap.
Zetec Automatic to Manual transmission Swap.

Followed with a post body asking questions pertaining to everything needed to accomplish a successful swap as well as specifics on what make, model, engine type, and transmission style your car is equipped with

Poor Example:

My car is slow

Followed with a post body stating "I want an SVT engine in my car yo"

Now, we don't know if you have an SPI, Zetec, or a Duratec engine. Also we don't know what kind of transmission you have. Certain swaps cannot be accomplished without other swaps. For example, an SVT engine will not work with an automatic SPI transmission. This would be something that is needed to know what all will have to be done with the car. So if everyone tells you what you need by "assuming" what you already have, valuable information could be left out due to the fact not enough information was put forth in the beginning.

Try to give as much information regarding your car as possible in relation to the engine and transmission so the people trying to help you know what ground you are starting on. The year, make, model, engine style, and transmission type should all be included in all threads since it will be valuable in accomplishing a successful swap.

The more information you put forth the easier it will be to help you with your goal. Also, there won't be dozens of post asking for more information about the car.

Thank You,

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