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-gauge pod
-AEM wideband uego
-Autometer Boost gauge ultra-light series
-Autometer Fuel gauge ultra-light series
-Clutch Master's Aluminum Flywheel and Stage 3 Clutch
-Torsen Diff.
-Lowered suspension
-And last but not least, Lamborgini Doors!

The SVT should be pretty pimp in the 6 months...

Future mods will include:

-Diff wheels prob.
-Racing seats "recaro"
-Nitrous setup for purge
-Neon underbody
-Body kit with custom work done to level out all the lines where the body kit matches to the body, it will look like one piece." My fiance's father does custom jobs with kits and painting at a shop, so this will be a definite!"
-After the kit, ill have the car painted some other color, or maybe something with a custom touch.

[thumb] Modding is Addicting...
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