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Was that our exit?!?
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So like my sig. states. I currently have a custom SRI i made and a 2.25" catback exhaust without a resonator and a magnaflow muffler. (basically straight pipe after the flex with magnaflow). The dilemna....just put on a RT Cat and my car now is a horrifying symphany of buzzes, rattles, and pings. I am now the leading US provider in rice patties.

I would like everyone to post which exhaust they think goes best with an SVT, SRI, and RT Cat. I have heard all sorts of clips, but unless you hear them in person, what you hear through vid posts is never exaclty what you get. I just don't want anymore suprises.

Here are clips of how it sounded pre RT Cat

Ill post a vid of how it sounds now with the RT Cat tonight.
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