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There are a LOT of 56K warnings on here, which with Photoshop is unecessary. If you have Photoshop, this simple step by step can help you post large format pictures of your car with very small file size. (100kb-200kb)

Open the picture in Photoshop(CS preferred, Must have Imageready)

Go to >Image>Image Size

Change the Document Size Width to 6-7inches, 72Resolution. (constrain proportions)
Change the Document Size Width to 3-3.5inches, 150Resolution. (constrain proportions)
(There is no need whatsoever for ANY resolution higher than 150 in this Forum)

Click Ok.

Go to >File>Save for Web. . .

Click the "4-up" tab at the top left of your window.

Preset for JPEG

The four Images you see are different compression and quality. Generally for pictures NOT for print etc, 60 quality is perfect. But can go 80 if preffered.

You can SEE the difference in quality. And differences above 60quality, are so minimal you'll hardly notice. After choosing your settings, click Save, name your file, send it to your desired location, and you're done. This file will 90% of the time be under 100Kb.

More important than doing this is taking a good initial pic anyway. So take time to take a nice, NON fuzzy pic, with decent exposure, angle, focus, etc. If you have a point and shoot, use a Preset. There's no reason to post a HUGE format pic with 300 Resolution, when the pic is fuzzy and poorly exposed.

Simple, quick photo exposure and color adjustments

Open Photo in Photoshop.

Go to >Image>Adjustments>Curves

Click on the eyedropper tool furthest to the right IN the Curves window
Click on the areas of the photo you want to be PURE WHITE.

Click on the eyedropper tool furthest to the left IN the Curves window
Click on the areas of the photo you want to be PURE BLACK

Click Ok

Go to >Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation

Bump the saturation up a little till the colors of your photo POP as you would like. (Genereally +8 to +28

Click Ok.

Now your photos, even if SHOT somewhat improperly, can look better than you had planned. Giving the right contrast, and a little color bump.

This way we can ALL have nice, clean, crisp, large format pictures of our FF Families cars, in a timely, downloadable, savable manner.


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^^ i thought about doing this... then i realised im lazy sometimes too, so when i upload pics i do image shack and the little thumbnails, then if they wanna see it they can wait... bu i know what your sayin, alot of 56k warnings
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