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Nice city, I had a lot of fun driving around, and I learned the value of HOV lanes during rush hour traffic in the morning and afternoon.

It's a total shame that I didn't realize that the IBEW was putting out work there in Phoenix before I had to leave so I could've stayed there, signed the books, and possibly gotten a lengthy job in town.

My biggest impression: WOW western women are awesome. I need to go west more often.

I spent about 2 hours in the Salt Lake City airport on the way there, and freaked out my partners. I started screaming: "Where are the black people?, I feel like I'm on another planet, I'm a little scared, I've never seen so many crackers in my life!!!" They were laughing their asses off-- especially since I'm white, but being from Memphis I'm a card carrying honorary African American.

Gotta go to work, the bane of my travelling existence.
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