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Passenger side window controls and central locking problems

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A fault I've had for a while but not had time to sort it out but with the winter months fast approaching my better half isn't too keen not being able to close the window herself.

A few months ago I removed my driver side door, being a UK car it's the right-side (long story, running a chunky power cable behind the wing for my split charge system in the trunk). Unbolted the door, removed the plug for the door electrics, finished what I had to do and reassembled.

Problems arose, the passenger side front window, both up and down positions on the switch cause it to open and it will only close using the drivers controls. Next thing I noticed, the passenger side rear central locking is not working and the window spontaneously opens when it feels like it while driving (the window child lock switch sorts that but it's not ideal). Knowing that all controls likely led back to the drivers door the first thing I tried was checking the huge multi connection plug block going to the door. All appears clean, just to be sure I removed and reinserted it several times and sprayed some WD40 in there in case of corrosion but all looks clean and in order. However still no joy.

I've had a quick look at the fuses but can't see anything obviously blown but I can't imagine each door would have it's own fuse anyway. Does anyone have a pinout for the door connector so I can investigate which pins are causing the issue? I've googled for it but can only find pinouts of rectangular connectors, the mk1 focus has round connectors though so I've had no luck so far.

Any advice would be appreciated.