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Parts for Alignment

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My car needs an alignment, but that won't be possible until I replace some worn and seized parts in the rear. I'm definitely replacing the rear lower control arms and hardware, and would like to keep it at that for financial reasons. I've read that the only adjustment to the stock setup is to the bolts on the rear cross member, which look to be eccentric. The lateral link and the camber thingy do not look like they have any adjustment, and none of those are bent or broken. The car has 192,000 miles with new shocks, struts, and front sway bar end links, but everything else is either original or high mileage. No sway bar in the rear. What do you think, could I replace the rear control arms only and get a decent alignment? At highway speeds the rear end sways a little bit and I'd like to get that under control. Thanks!

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As long as the eccentric bolts work, you should be able to get your toe settings for your alignment.
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