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I bought my daughter a used 2007 Ford Focus SE with a MARS-22 remote start/keyless entry, installed by the previous owner.

The problem I'm having is that the car's panic alarm is going off randomly. The car is under warranty and I've taken it to the local Ford dealer. They say it's the aftermarket "alarm". Prior to taking it to Ford, I hadn't done a lot of troubleshooting/research so I accepted their argument. Ford's only "suggestion" was the if the car's battery was getting weak it could cause this - but I'm not sure I believe that.

Later, I did a little investigating:

- When the panic alarm does go off, my daughter uses the Ford key fob to silence the alarm, not the aftermarket fob.
- Of the four buttons on the aftermarket fob (lock, unlock, trunk release, and start), the only one that functions is the remote start. The other three do nothing (almost as if they are not connected).

My assumption at this point is that if the MARS-22 were sounding the horn via it's panic function (hold down the lock button - which I haven't tried yet), you would have to use the MARS-22 key fob to silence the horn, not the Ford key fob? Is that a valid assumption?

I've located the MARS-22 control module - under the dash on the left side behind a fuse panel. All of the connectors appear to be connected and secured tightly.

What should I be looking for next or what I have done wrong to date?

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