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I spent the holidays at home in Arkansas. I planned on driving my ZX3 home so I could get some mods done on it over xmas. At the last minute the wife and I decided to drive our 92 Continental instead (lots more room). It was a good thing we did because when we got on I 81 in Western Virginia the roads were really bad and stayed bad form Richmond to Knoxsville. We received some paint damage and the windshield was pitted from an unlucky encounter with a sand truck. Had it been on my still new and beloved ZX3, I would still be sick. Ive got to live with the pitted windshield, my cousin owns a autoglass shop, his cost on the glass is $870.

Anyway, while home I pulled my Linciln into his shop and repainted the side moldings. They turned out great, Im going to do the same with my ZX3.

Im not sanding the moldings or removing them from the car. To much work and Im afraid that they will eventally start to peel up aound the ends. Here is the procedure I used on the Lincoln.

1. Throughly clean and remove all wax from moldings. Dry
2. Use quality painters tape. Slip the tape behind the moldings so a line doesnt appear.
3. Use news or craft paper and mask off about 1 foot above and below the area to be painted.
4. Make sure to mask off any area inside the door jamb that overspray could get into.
5. Spray two light coats of BULLDOG adhesion promoter. Follow the directions on the can, buy it at Pep Boys or an automotive paint store.
6. Spray two light color coats directly over the BULLDOG, primer isnt needed.
7. Spray 2-3 light coats of clear over the color coat.
8. Wait a minimum of 48 hours, and wax.

That BULLDOG stuff works, it sticks to anything and paint sticks to it. No peeling or chipping worries when you use BULLDOG.

My buddy who is in the high dollar automotive paint business recommends Dupli-Color products. He says that for small jobs like our moldings it is the best quality rattle can paint on the market.

If your car color doesnt come in a rattle can then you will have to have it mixed like I did for the Lincoln. Make sure you have them reduce it for spraying when you buy it. 1/2 pint is all you will need. The paint store will sell you the propellant and canister to spray it. Its pretty easy and inexpensive.

It only costs between $15-30 to paint the moldings depending on if Dupli-color has your color or not. The most inportant thing to remember is not to apply the coats to heavy. Its easy to go back and add more paint, but hard to remove paint once its on, especially if it runs or sags.

Im planning on doing my ZX3 next weekend, I will post pics if I get it done.

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