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paint match question opinions wanted

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I want to paint the chrome part on my front grill and im not sure what to paint it. My car is pitch black and Im almost positive that if I tried to paint it gloss it would look like two different colors or at least to my eyes. So my question is what about just painting it flat black or a satin so it will be less noticable. Or perhaps suggest a good match to the pitch black.

Ahh what the hell lets kill to birds with one stone. No need for two threads I guess anybody know where I can find the factory fog lights for cheap. Ive seen them on ebay from time to time but never including the plastic cover that goes around them. Thanks.
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For paint, goto your local Auto Paint and Body supply store. and Ask for a custom brew of DuPont vinyl paint mixed to your factory paint code. 1/2 Pint will be enough to paint your grille, and Hatch molding strip. (to skip clear coat, ask for High Gloss additives to be mixed with the paint) This method will yield the best results, but will be most costly at around $35 for paint and materials which would include sandpaper, and a Preval Disposable sprayer (assuming you don't have a hvlp gun)

For the foglamps...

Might want to see if v6focus has the parts for the foglamp assembly.
Here they are listed $45 each.
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