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Thanks for looking. I've searched other threads on P1131, and there doesn't seem to be a consistent "this will fix it" response to any of them. Numerous members suggest starting a new thread to diagnose a vehicle problem, so rather than tagging on to the zillion other P1131 issues, I'm posting my own, here.

My 2002 ZX3 2.0L is starting quite rough the last two trips. After starting and idling terribly lumpy, the idle went up and down a couple of times as though the computer was trying to figure out what was wrong, then it settled down to a decent, but not smooth idle. On two long trips, it has thrown a P1131 code within 10 miles after filling up the gas tank. I cleared the code both times but the engine is still running a wee bit rough.

On foot-to-the-floor acceleration, it does okay, but very occasionally, will miss a beat. Gas mileage is consistently around 20 mpg -- pretty crappy.

The EGR tube was replaced by the previous owner. Some of the heads of the bolts on valve covers are rounded, so they're not on tight. I've replaced the gasket, but the cover is not down tight, so it's still leaking a bit. When I replaced the spark plugs (about 6 months ago), there was no oil in the plug holes.

Your suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you.
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