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Ford has released a technical service bulletin on our issue:

08/25/17 NHTSA ID: 10115955
TSB ID: SSM 46705

Some 2017 model year focus vehicles equipped with 1.0l gasoline turbocharged direct injection(gtdi) engines may exhibit illuminated malfunction indicator light(mil) with dtc p04db (crankcase ventilation system disconnected) stored in powert


I was expecting the beginning of a big long drama when I took mine in yesterday after the engine light came on with less than 1,000 miles. But I'm told they updated the computer, which means they adjusted the error threshold for whatever sensor is tripping the check engine light. Seems like a simple solution to me, and I doubt the light will come back on.

I'll let you know.
Maybe ;)

First my background: My CEL came on at my first fill-up. Literally as I'm pulling away from the pump at around 360 miles.

Took it to Advanced Auto and they read the P04DB.

Took it to the dealer and they screwed with me and said, "Yup, just a loose PCV". Took it home and it came back on the next day.

Took it back to the dealer and they read the P04DB again and said, "Ford doesn't have a fix. We'll call you."

Never called me.

Checked my oil and found it at least 1/4 to 1/2-inch over the top hatchmark filled from the factory. Started thinking that an overfilled crankcase can screw with sensors.

Took my car to the dealer over the weekend for an oil change. Didn't mention the CEL at all (even though it was still on).

Took my own oil - Motul 5-20 M948B - specified for our 1.0L Focus.

They changed the oil - didn't overfill, and reset my CEL.

They didn't mention the CEL AT ALL on the paperwork. They just quietly reset it and left it alone. No mention of any software upgrades.

In other words, if the dealer did something to "fix" my P04DB they didn't get paid for it.

It's been about four days, 200 miles and about 20 start/stops. No CEL yet.

Given the background on this I'm not saying it's cured. But I feel optimistic :)
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