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oy vey...

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I think my car hates me...because I finally get one thing fixed (my valve cover leak) and now more things!

Heres a list of things I notice:

When sitting at a light and i turn the wheel left and right there is a squeak that comes from the steering.

When I start my car the car is very loud (Stock exhaust) like a drone from the interior and feels like a vibrator lol.

Gets even worse when i put it in reverse and back up.

also notice that same feeling when im turning right too (faintly, but its there).

I need a new suspension kit, because it seems wicked loose handling all the time.

And for the second time in a year i think my alternator is dying because I get the battery indicator and the lights dim and the motor kinda bogs down a bit.

anybody have any ideas?
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i see your car is an 01, how many miles are on it?
the valve cover leak is very common

check your power steering fluid, might be low, if its not get some lucas power steering fix, and add some of that, should do the trick.

the suspension is shot, 135,000k miles is alot, and you should look into replacement, if your need to go cheap get the svt kit, you can find the full kit for about $300

the alternator might be going bad, it is 7 years old with alot of use, or it might also be the battery as well especially if its stock, the average life for a battery is around 3-6 years
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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