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2001, ZX3, ZTec

The question I have is regarding the engine idle speed during deceleration, down a very, very slight grade with the Over Drive (OD) in the off status.

With the OD in the off position while coasting down a slight grade the car/engine will never totally decelerate. As the car is decelerating (foot off the gas), the engine spools down, and once it hits 1900 RPM it (the engine) automatically revs up to 2100 RPM all by it self, then it decelerates to 1900 again, and over and over again !

If I was to coast to a stop (OD off once again) on a slight incline this will not happen, it will coast to a normal stop.

And, if the OD is on (normal position) everything works normal.

Any ideas as to why this happens ?????

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