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Driving Dec 27th on Hwy 70 my WAZE app suddenly said we would be arriving an hour later, 10:34pm instead of 9:34. Surprised, I naturally looked for road "problems", but nothing showed.
Looking harder, I noticed my Cell time was different from the car clock's! By exactly 1 hour! As tho my cell was suddenly in a Mtn Std Time Zone. My son's was OK! It switched back within 15 minutes as we lost Cell signal again. 10 miles later and a new cell tower signal and suddenly my phone is an hour off again! I check the kid's and his is too! BUT, his has it's Wifi and blutooth turned off. I tell him to Reboot "my" phone and when it reboots, still with weak signal, BOTH phones are regular "Ca." time again.
-So that's strange, but when we get to the 4-Plex, our "battery-operated" wall clock, that was OK when we left 5 days earlier, was 6 hours off exactly. My son took a picture of my cell phone time and the wall clock's to document it. The clock STAYED exactly 6 hrs off for the next 24 hrs.

Highway 70 is Gold Country, and there's lots of metals in these canyons/mountains, it was near or below 32 degrees F.
There are 3 Water-Power Generating PG&E plants and damns along the winding Hwy 70 and river.
This has never happened before in the 23 years I've been driving cars and trains along that road or on the railroad tracks.
I've never heard of it happening to anyone else, my crews and van drivers certainly never said it happened to them!
Has anyone else had anything like this happen to them or heard of it?
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