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Every time i get on here there is a new thread about what mod to do next, and honestly its all opinion... [loveff]

SSSOOO lets here what the guys on here think.....

Post up the order you did your mods in


What order you think they should be done in,....[driving]

questions are welcome here...


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Me Cai, exhaust, header, tb, tune, turbo and rear poly mount! All in approx. 5 years.(So i got plenty of use outta my cai and header b4 i turboed)Next tranny, and internals. Thats performance mods, ive got a list of body mods too, hehe.

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Steeda SRI
Trubendz 2.5 SS exhaust with magnaflow muffler/resonator
Rear Dogbone Mount Vf Engineering
Drivers side mount Vf Engineering
Passenger side mount Vf Engineering
F2 Balance Shaft Delete
Took Passenger side mount out and swapped for stock (caused too many vibrations with BSD)
F2 Header (wrapped)
Focussport 91 Octane Tune (running 92)

I only included engine performance mods. There are suspension mods and such in there as well.

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on my ST i did...

lowering springs
short shifter
different lights everywhere
stage 1 focussport turbo
stage 2 focussport turbo
rear sway bar
front lip
roush scoop
drilled slotted rotors
Turbosmart Eboost 2
AEM Wideband
Torsen T2
Exedy Stage 3 hypersingle clutch/flywheel

now i have lightweight pulleys and a balance shaft delete to install! next i want to find a way to get traction. im gonna have to find a way to get bigger tires on the front.. 1st and 2nd gear spin if i floor it now.. dont want that.. lol. thinkin i need to be able to fit some 245s or wider up front

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I'm not recommending a specific order, this is just the order I did mine

Trubendz flexback exhaust
VF dogbone mount
Crane stg 2 cams, F2 header, and Tom's tune all together*
Coilover suspension
Polyurethane rear sway end link bushings
Driver and passenger VF mounts

Currently working on installing a Torsen diff and an Exedy stage 1 clutch and flywheel

*If you're doing cams and/or a header you should do a tune at the same time

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I did.
exahust manifold
2.5 exhaust kit
lower motor mount.
exedy stage 1
intake manifold
re tuned it.
cfm udp. (back to stock pully though)
passanger mount

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new blank rotors/HPS pads/steel lines
lightweight wheels/wider stickier tires
flex-back exhaust

That's the way I did it and I'm glad I did.

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Stealth CAI
Saleen Suspension
Ford Racing Cat-back
Rota Slipstreams
FS Cool-Flo Intake
FS Tune

future mods:

Stage 1 Cams
Header (maybe)
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