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I have a 02 zx3.
need a new clutch kit.

I am looking for the best deal.

need some help in choosing the right parts.

o'reilly's is offering the kit for $199.99 plus 10% military discount.
for a Power Torque clutch kit part # K70124-02

i have found others online:

M-Pact Part # 07164005 for $124.79

EXEDY part # KFM01 for $152.79

and finally
AME Automotive part # 07164 for $165.79

Are there any mechanics on here who could point me in the right direction???

Thanks in Advance!!


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I'd add a flywheel & a throw out bearing to those. Those kits contain the disc & pressure plate. Have you priced out the whole thing? flywheel. disc & pressure plate? Have a look at http://Central Florida they're a vender here.
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