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Hey all, I'm pretty sure I have a faulty fuel pump but, I just wanted to get some feedack from other Focus owners.

Okay, here we go. Bought the car, told it was a fuel pump, I tested the inertia switch on site. had power to it. Then jumped it with a paper clip-no change. Got it home checked the fuel pump driver module, Power to it was good and again jumped it with a paper clip. still, no start. And just for good measure I took the Inertia swich and Fuel pump driver module out of my other focus that I know runs, and still no start.

But here's my one screwball. I can start the car with carb cleaner and it will stay running on its own. At idle it runs fine but, once you give it a blurp of gas it stumbles. That still leads me to belive its the pump not being able to supply fuel fast enough..

Do I sound sane? What does FF think?!
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